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Troy Anderson

Troy Anderson is the President of Godby Safe and Lock, Inc. and All County Locksmith, Inc.
Godby Safe and Lock, Inc. and All County Locksmith, Inc., are both full service providers of security solutions.

He started my career in the locksmith and security business in 1985 after serving our country in the US Marine Corps.  He was stationed in Camp LeJeune and served in Beirut, Lebanon. His locksmith career began as a locksmith in Coral Springs, Florida.  After working seven years on the road, he joined CK’s Lockshop in Boynton Beach, Florida. He was responsible for the company’s daily operations.
Troy was given the opportunity to own his own company in 1998 when he joined All County Locksmith, Inc., which later acquired Godby Safe and Lock, Inc.
His career in this industry expands over twenty eight years and through his hard work, dedication, work ethic and service to his customers, he continues on the path of success.
Troy recently celebrated his twenty-fifth wedding anniversary and is the proud father of two kind and compassionate daughters.