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Allay your security fears by rekeying your locks with Godby

By:Staff - April 29, 2019

If you’re a snowbird who is preparing to leave Florida soon, chances are that planning for your return isn’t on your mind right now. However, it is worth mentioning how important it is for you to prioritize the rekey of your locks when you return. During the months that your property is vacant, you might have various maintenance services going in and out such as cleaning services, pool maintenance, etc. The distribution of your keys to these various vendors automatically lowers the security of your home. This is why when you return, once the winter temps kick in up north, it’s important for you to remedy this security risk by rekeying your locks.  After all, you are the most important item in your make sure when you return you habitually rekey.


Even if you’re not a snowbird, this is still a great time of year to clean up and refresh your security. We often don’t think about the security exposure we create on a daily basis. One example would be the simple act of going out to eat at a restaurant or visiting any establishment that offers valet parking and opting to let someone else park your car. The problem with this is you’re basically handing your keys over to a complete stranger (at this point you’re trusting that proper background screening methods were used). If you’re anything like the average American, you probably have your house keys attached to your car keys and with your home address being printed on your registration. If someone really wanted to, they would be able to easily figure out where you live and they’d have the option making an impression, eventually getting a key made and walking right through your front door… scary, right?


Sometimes, we even forget who we might’ve given a spare key to, so with the season of new beginnings upon us, why not start it off with peace of mind. Knowing when to rekey your locks can help you and your loved ones stay safe in your home, and your good friends at Godby Safe and Lock are here to tell you that the time to spring into action is now.


Another key point is the fact that a door lock will not work forever and similar to everything else in your home, they require regular maintenance. The functionality and lifespan of your locks after they’ve been rekeyed fully depends on the skill of the locksmith who does the job. As your experts, we can say that the best way to get your locks rekeyed is by seeking the services of a certified locksmith that can guarantee you’ll receive top-notch results, especially in the event you may have premium/ brand name locks i.e. Medeco high security locks.

It’s apt to note that replacing multiple locks in a home can come with a heavy price. Rekeying services are comparatively inexpensive as opposed to a full lock replacement. In addition to being cost effective, it also saves you time. The process of rekeying a lock takes half the time of replacing the entire thing and it also means you don’t have to wait until special hardware is shipped in if needed.


Godby Safe and Lock has been serving the security needs of South Florida for over 60 years and we are licensed and insured. In addition to that, it’s also important to ensure you’re choosing a firm that has a real and physical address because, unfortunately, our industry have a few bad apples who are imposters.  If you’d like to find out more or speak with one of our expert locksmiths, feel free to give us a call at (561) 439-6666 or just pop into our store! In addition to having expert locksmiths who are well versed in every type of lock under the sun, Godby Safe and Lock also offers affordable 24/7 emergency services. (If you’re reading this newsletter then you should be aware of our 10% OFF rekeying services with promo code FIXIT).