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Secure Your Nests Before Flying North Snowbirds!

By:Staff - April 9, 2019


As large flocks of birds leave and begin their journey back to the defrosting north, so will our resident ‘snowbirds’.

Year round residents of Florida are used to the migration of our friends from the north to our beautiful sunny state once the temperature drops. As the temperature begins to return to tolerable levels up north, the snowbirds start to plan their departure. That being said, it’s important that homeowners ensure their empty homes and personal belongings inside them, stay safe in their absence. Your good friends at Godby Safe and Lock are here to ensure you’re not leaving anything off your checklist before you head back north.

Before leaving your home for an extended period of time, you should take the necessary precautions to protect your property. That poses the question of how do you prepare a part-time home to be empty until the temperature dips again and you return? Make sure you take care of the simple things like:

  • Stopping all mail and newspaper deliveries to prevent them from piling up (this is usually an indicator to anyone who might be watching that your property is vacant)
  • Ensuring there aren’t any leaky faucets, turn off the main water valve in fact unless you live in a condo (fire system needs water access).
  • Unplug all electrical appliances to avoid shorting out, power surges, etc during the infamous South Florida storm season.

With services like Airbnb being utilised, you might be leasing your place for the months it’ll be vacant. However, no matter the plans for your home after you leave, there is always going to be one thing you need to ensure is taken care of, and that’s security. All homes are significant assets and protecting and securing them should be a paramount concern.  If your home is vacant then having lock maintenance and repairs done, is in your best interest. If you have someone staying in your home then be sure to rekey the locks as soon as you return. This also applies if you plan to have any maintenance or upkeep persons entering the home while you are away.

Most people believe a door lock will work forever but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Just like everything else in your home, door locks require regular maintenance. Hiring an expert locksmith from a licensed and insured locksmith company can keep your home secure from potential threats. Beware the impostors and criminals in our industry, check to see if the firm you choose has a real physical address and have been around a long time in the local market.  The technicians at Godby Safe and Lock are dedicated to perfecting their craft and providing affordable and quality services 24-7-365.

Whether you need service on your door, access control equipment, locks, security cameras or anything else that helps keep you safe, we can help! Make the right decisions before leaving Florida to help ensure you continue having a home to escape to when the temperatures dip again up North.