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Access Control

Access Control devices are very common in our everyday lives and are essential for securing our homes, cars and office spaces.

The locks on our doors or cars are forms of access control; a means for us to control and gain access.

Here at Godby Safe and Lock we offer a wide selection of access control devices for your security.

Choose from our deep inventory of door locks to secure your business facility or home. We have high security door locks that contain numeric keypads and require an entry code in order to gain access. We also stock other high-end access control devices such as magnetic door locks which are commonly used  by high security facilities. 

Control access to your business and offices with these high-tech Access Control Systems at Godby Safe and Lock:


Contact us today at or call (561) 540 - 6004. Our team of professionals will be happy to help you select the access control device that is perfect for your business.